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Welcome to Invicta Gaming's website. Here you can apply for Commander, Staff. Or Support the server by checking out our store.


Every person who joins is a unique character who will never be looked over. We run a Star Wars RP, make your identity what you want it to be!


Here at Invicta we are a proud supporter of our community. Your voice will be heard and discussed between all staff and players to find the best outcome possible. Thank you for being here for us, truly.


Development isn't just a passtime, it's the future of the World. Here at Invicta we have came into contact with some of the most talented and brilliant Developers in the GMod scene. All addons will be carefully tuned and fit to make the best experience possible.


We have splurged for the best hardware money can buy to keep our server running fluently, and reliably.


What are you waiting for? Join today!

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Invicta Gaming SWRP

Invicta (SWRP) The Future Begins HERE!



The immense team of individuals keeping this community afloat!